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Social and Economic Growth and Development Problems Facing Third World Countries

This essay has discussed about social economic growth and development problems that are have and are facing third world countries. The paper looks the articles by various writers i.e. P.J. Patterson description of 1973 and April Business weekly published in the, New York Times of 1973 by Dominick Fazarro illustrating their similarities and differences in perception of third world countries.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 2
1.1 Differences between growth and development 2
1.2 Factors that hinder economic and social development in third world countries 3
How third world countries can achieve development 4
1.3 In the New York Times 5
1.4 Comparing the two articles 7
1.5 Similarities 8
1.6 Differences 8
1.7 Reasons for Similarities and differences 9
1.8 Conclusion 10
1.9 References 11

Preview of the essay: Social and Economic Growth and Development Problems Facing Third World Countries

According to P.J. Patterson description of 1973, third world countries have been faced with various economic and social problems since after and before world wars. In his description he is therefore is trying to explain the causes of these problems and how they can be overcome. This is because these problems does not preoccupies governments in developing countries only but also in the developed countries as well. This is because developed countries with their free market economy and the developing countries of the third world with differences that move back and forth in their political systems and economic structures yet connected through a similar history of invasion and exploitation by colonialists, are all affected by the problems of organizing their own economies in a way which will make best use of the interest ...

... it as being the major causes of these underdevelopments. They therefore urge these countries to come up with proper education procedures and techniques so as to overcome these vices.
The two descriptions although written in different times, they date back underdevelopment of third world countries to the world war and colonialism. They propose that increased period of colonization drugged behind the development of the third world countries since their resources were exploited by the colonialists and developed a trend of over reliance on the developed countries thus leading to huge debts which has been hindering there development.
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