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Informative Difference between Socrates and Sophist

This paper looks at two ancient philosophers that is Socrates and Sophist, who have contribute massively to our mental development and enrichment. The essay starts by reviewing their background information but more looks at their informative differences

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Anteprima della tesi: Informative Difference between Socrates and Sophist

Informative Difference between Socrates and Sophist Socrates is an ancient great Greek philosopher who laid the early foundations for Western philosophical thought. He is therefore referred to as the father of Western philosophy. He came up with the “Socratic Method” which involved asking inquisitive questions in a mutual way which would eventually lead to the discovery of the truth. He was born in Athens where he fought as a foot soldier in the Peloponnesian War with Sparta, before he devoted himself to philosophy and argument. ...

... challenging of assumptions through critical questioning is essential part of learning. The Sophistic traits of connection and consensus through rhetoric on the other hand manifest themselves in very many delivery media. Therefore it remains very obvious that, despite any prejudices, there are great implications that can be borrowed from both traditions.
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