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This paper is going to discuss oral health, the disparities that exist in oral health, determinants of oral health disparities, the Healthy People 2010 Goals and objectives for oral health disparities and the health belief and health decision models in relation to oral health disparities. It is also going to look at the World Health Organization strategies and approaches in oral disease prevention and health promotion. Lastly, it will discuss the prevention methods for oral health disparities and the past and ongoing Interventions.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 2
1.1 Oral Health 2
1.2 Oral Health Disparities 3
1.3 Healthy People 2010 Objectives for Oral Health 5
1.4 World Health Organization strategies and approaches in oral disease prevention and health promotion 7
1.5 Past and Ongoing Interventions 8
1.6 Conclusion 9
1.7 References 10

Preview of the essay: ORAL HEALTH DISPARITIES

Oral health is one of the determinant factors for the quality of life of a person because it is the craniofacial complex that allows us to speak, touch, smell, smile, kiss, taste, chew, swallow, and even to cry out when we are in pain. It also gives us protection against microbial contamination. (Raul et al, 2009). Oral diseases usually restrict human activities and their psychosocial impact often diminishes quality of life of an individual significantly. Research has proved that oral health is interrelated with general ...

... medical specialists, non-profit social organizations, and persons can organize to fight the opposition by increasing alertness of oral health in the society. They should be involved in distribution of societal and political capitals, including community planning, school syllabus, and improved admission to health care, concerned persons and dental specialists so as to have a chance to carefully clarify and effectively eliminate causal factors that cause and drive social disparities in oral health.
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