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Air France airplane crash near Brazil

This is a an example of a good composition essay that has talked about the airplane crash that occured near Brazil.

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Air France airplane crash near Brazil An air France airplane that was carrying two hundred people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on 1st June 2009, few minutes after ...

... caution failed to activate because the plane encountered the turbulence above one thousand five hundred feet above the warning envelope of the system that is the reason as to why it was hard to trace the point where the plane had crushed (Marco 2009).
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Gisele C.

It is really hard to see some victims suffer because of fate's folly joke. Air tragedies in the past years are truly alarming. More safety protocol should be implemented in the country.

Benjamin I.

Tragic as it may seem, incidents like this sometimes are not within man's control. Faith in God and extra diligence in performing one's functions are two important things to be borne in mind.

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