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Children and sexuality

The paper has discussed on how Urbanization and change in life styles has exposed young children much early to sexuality.

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Children and sexuality Urbanization and change in life styles is exposing young children much early to sexuality. This is due to exposure to a lot of sex related information in the internet and in the media which they are exposed to at a younger age. The information which they get tempts them to practice sexual activities at an early age. This behavior has called for the need to train the students about their sexuality and how they would be responsible by being able to control them ...

... bases on which the students are able to explain on what influence them to sexual behavior and choices. The information provided is accurate in relation to sexuality such as use of contraceptives. It should as well include on the methods which the students should employ to be able to deal with peer pressure which would lead them to premature sexual activities. The program should also use the appropriate means of training depending on the cultural background, age and experience of the students.
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