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American dream

The paper is about the dream of people of america. The dream was about the opportunity to live a better and fuller life.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
The American Dream 1
Conclusion 3

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American dream The term ‘American dream’ first came up in the early 1930’s when historian and writer James Truslow Adams talked about it in his book Epic of America. He defined it ...

... incase things do not work out. Therefore just like in a lottery a few people win and very few get a chance and win the ultimate prize.
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eleanor g.

Written well and I get the feeling of consistency and development. There is a table of contents and reference so it can be passed as an essay.

Benjamin I.

Well-structured and well-organized.

I have been looking for an article before about this topic and I would have to say that this essay shed light on my doubts about American dream.

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