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Phonological and morphological processes/skills

The paper has discussed on Phonological and morphological processes/skills.In this case it has shown how phonological awareness focuses on the ability to recognize sounds within words and the Phonological Deficit Hypothesis that specifies word decoding problems among dyslexic children.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Morphological awareness in reading 4
Arabic morphology 6
Morphological awareness in reading Arabic 8
Method 9
Participants 9
Measures and procedures 10
Reading comprehension 10
Phonological measures 11
Morphology measures 12
Control variables 13
Results and discussion 14

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Cross-linguistic research on literacy acquisition indicates that, when learning to read an alphabetic writing system, both the nature of the language and the orthography that represents it seem to influence the development of abilities and the manifestation of literacy disabilities (Goulandris, 2003). This variation across languages has largely been attributed to differences in the level of correspondence between basic letter symbols (graphemes) and language sounds (phonemes) (see discussions in Ziegler & Goswami, 2005, 2006). Hence, phonological processing skills, particularly phonological awareness (which focuses on the ability ...

... and morphological teaching programs have been shown to improve the use of morphological rules in literacy tasks (Nunes, Bryant & Olsson, 2003). Therefore, although further research is needed to determine the precise role of morphology in the development of Arabic literacy skills, both assessment and intervention procedures for identifying and remediating literacy-based LDs in Arabic should take such morphological aspects of the language into account.
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