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This essay is about business consultancy and how you could use it in various areas like large multifunctional firms, human resource consulting, sole practitioner and small partnership etc.

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Table of contents

Types of business consultants and how you would use them. 1
(a) Large Multifunctional consulting firms 1
Strategy and General Management consultancies. 1
Information Technology and e-business Consultancies 2
Employment benefits consultancies 2
e) Human Resource Consulting 2
f) Medium sized generalized and specialist firms 2
Sole practitioners and small partnerships 3
The consulting proffessors 3
Non-Traditional Suppliers of consulting services 3
Consulting Networks 3
Combining internal and external consulting 3

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Types of business consultants and how you would use them in the following.

(a) Large Multifunctional consulting firms
These firms have dominated the market, due to its active business development supported by new staff recruitment and training and numerous acquisitions and mergers for example price waterhouse coopers, Deloitte e.t.c. Their sheer size and influence permit ...

... comprehensive consultancy services to the international horticultural fresh produce industry as well as plantation crops such as coffee, sisal cashew nuts e.t.c. These consultants have many years relevant experiences both in academic and practical horticultural areas and are ideally placed to provide focused practical consultancy advices many years relevant field experience to bear on your locality to help exploit beneficial insects to their best advantage.
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International Business
Princess R.

If you know what you are doing, you really do not need a business consultant. But an advice from people who have gone before us could be of help.

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