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This is a qualitative research paper that has been conducted in order to understand the management of the human resources from both the employee’s and the employer. For this case it focuses with a university setting for the study. Therefore this paper can be relied upon in assisting the understanding within any institution.

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Table of contents

Abstract 3
Integrating HRM with Business Outcomes 3
Shaping the Work Environment 4
Shared Understanding 4
Performance accountability 4
Human Resourcing 5
Training and Career Development 5
Introduction 6
Context 8
Literature review 10
Modern analysis 12
Corporate management 13
Human resources development 14
Performance Appraisals 14
Compensation and Benefits 16
Training and Development 16
Employee relations 18
Safety and Health 20
Work environment 21
Conclusion 22
Methodology 23
Interviews and focus groups 24
Observations 25
E-survey 25
Review of documents 26
Type of data collection 26
Scope of data collection 27
Observations and Interviews 27
Extension of analysis 28
Validity and reliability 29
Limitations 30
Development grid 31
Indicators 31
Connections between the business outcomes of an organization and Human Resource Management are clearly articulated. 31
Approaches exist to support the connections with the business outcomes. 32
Strategic individuals management identified and used as a tool for achieving business     outcomes. 32
The strategic role of Human Resource recognized and well interpreted by   all staff of the organization. 33
The employees demonstrate a common understanding of the organizational values and culture. 33
Fairness or fairness, respect together with trust are the aspects of working relationships. 34
Openness and honesty in communication is also principal or predominant in the organization. 34
The human resource services meet both the organization and the stakeholder requirements. 35
People are allocated jobs that they are best suited or the jobs that they are matched appropriately. 36
Career development opportunities together with training facilitate the development of organization business. 36
Reference 37


The established approach to human resource management mainly focuses on the perspective of the employer. In the provision of the basic background from this point of management view, we also consider that it is very important to understand the management of the human resources from the employee’s perspective as well. In so doing, a clear synthesis is achieved and there is a better opportunity of approaching the different processes in business as a team having common objectives.
The standard research questions mainly deal with six areas of focus as they are set out below.
Integrating HRM with Business Outcomes
• What are the relationships between Human Resource Management and Business Strategy?
• Are they accommodative?
• Are they interactive?
• Are they fully integrated?
• Are the fundamentals of the Human Resource approach internally congruent as well as with the business strategy?
• Is the Human Resource Management ...

... in qualitative researches, reliability mainly focuses on the question of researcher bias. King once suggested two safe guards: that is, compound raters for coding and deliberately setting aside assumptions to enable oneself to be amazed by the data. Both of these processes for the increase of reliability were used together with providing typical questions for the several interviewers to use together with standard definitions of topics in order to minimize some variability between these interviewers.
In order to enhance the validity of the interpretations that were formed about the data, procedures of increasing validity as predicated by King (1996) were also used like the triangulation of various methods, also the use of feedback loops as well as aggressively seeking any contradictions in the data. For the reduction of the impact of sources of methodical errors in the interviews, we find that the interviewer in this research greatly minimized use of paraphrasing or the reflection only to cases where the interviewees’ own language caused confusion.
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Human Resources
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