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The paper looks into the meaning of ideologies in relation to politics.

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What are Ideologies? An ideology is a coherent set of ideas that provide the basis for organized political action, whether this is intended to preserve, overthrow or modify the existing system of power. Ideologies are also defined as a set of principles, doctrines and theories that help to structure the process of intellectual inquiry. They constitute a framework within which the search for political knowledge takes place. At a fundamental level, ideologies resemble political philosophies in that they deal with abstract ideas and theories. Nevertheless, they lack the clear shape and internal consistency of political philosophies. They are not hermetically sealed systems of thought. They are, typically, fluid sets of ideas that overlap with other ideologies and shade into one another. This leads to the emergence of hybrid ideologies such as liberal conservatism, socialist feminism and conservative nationalism. Furthermore, each ideology contains a range of divergent, even rival traditions and viewpoints. Therefore, it is not uncommon for disputes between supporters of the same ideology to be more passionate and bitter than arguments between supporters of rival ideologies because what is at stake is the ‘true’ nature of the ideology. What is ‘true’ socialism? What is ‘true’ ...

... masses under the guise of natural rights. The most important role for governments is to provide order and control in society. People have a fundamental need for stability and harmony rather than grandiose promises of natural rights. People need something other than reason to show then right from wrong because reason is fragile and is often attracted to passing trends. For example, through reason one can argue logically for or against any belief or policy such as euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality and so forth. Therefore, one cannot use reason as a guideline on political issues. Instead, it is best to use traditional values. Traditional values are solid and trustworthy because they have been tested over years and have been passed down from generation to generation. Conservatives are said to be skeptical about ambitious schemes of improving the human condition. Conservatism affirms the value of what has been tested by historical experience and in doing so dispels any beliefs that the imperfections in society can be eliminated. Civil institutions such as the church and the family should teach traditional morality. It is the responsibility of these institutions to pass on long –standing moral values from one generation to
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