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Summary of the Aboriginal journey in Australia. This is a common journey experienced by many minority and native groups throughout the world

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Anteprima della tesi: Aboriginals

Aboriginal Essay Over the past 230 years, Aboriginals have protested in many different ways to gain rights, which they believe they are deserving of. Through aims of what they wanted to achieve, the processes they went through brought them disappointment over the poor results of some actions and pleasure over the success of others. Over those years, very few periods of protest have been as revelational or effective as the protests occurring between 1938 and 1972. During this period many different groups of Aboriginals have fought for the common cause of being recognised as people rather than interferences ...

... land rights. In the 21st century, the Australian Government has made further endeavors to attempt to ensure Aboriginal standards of living in Australia. Whilst life expectancy, available facilities, educational opportunities and employment opportunities are still vastly different to those offered to white Australians, progress has been made since the original meeting of Europeans and Aboriginals. From the administration of an Aboriginal minister and Aboriginal facilities across Australia to the ‘Sorry Day’ speech delivered by prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008, the Australian people both from European and Aboriginal backgrounds are progressing towards a more equal future.
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