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Reparations are a legal philosophy that has been practiced in America by lawyers to assist people in seeking a compensation for slavery to the descendants of former victims of slavery. They tend to range the compensation from individual monetary compensation to community-based self improvement schemes.

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REPARATIONS Reparations refer to a legal philosophy that has emerged in the present day America being fronted by lawyers seeking a compensation for slavery. It is an idea held by some in the United States that some form of compensation should be awarded to the descendants of former victims of slavery, in consideration of the forced labor provided for without charge in so many centuries of slavery and racial ...

... their culture on the West African communities leading to a massive erosion of the rich African culture. This was done through imposition of rules that barred Africans from practicing their popular cultural practices. Going by the examples cited in the case of transatlantic trade, I conclude that that reparation is a rational argument that should be pursued to realize the most deserved compensation.
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Benjamin I.

History has its own share of tragic moments. The agony and pain caused by slavery is certainly one of them. However, as to whether, the pain could be recompensated by money, could be a big question. That's highly debatable.

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