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Bronfenbrenner Analysis On Ecological Theory Of Development

This essay talks on ecological theory of development as brought out by Bronfenbrenner . This is a is a good model that should be followed to ensure that the society provides a good environment that nurture strong positive values in the growth of the child.

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Bronfenbrenner Analysis On Ecological Theory Of Development The ecological theory of development emphasizes the impact of then child’s immediate environment on the growth and development of the child. It views the development of a child as a sum total of progressively complex interactions and proximal processes that occur between an active child and the objects, persons and prominent symbol in the child’s immediate that occur regularly in the child’s immediate environment (Newman et al, 1995). This theoretical model of development places the child at the centre ...

... a trusting and loving relationship now, but it took me years to get there. If it was not for my family, I would not believe that I deserved anyone. They taught me that love and friendship are important for someone to be happy. This is equally influenced by the memory of unhappy friends I encountered in school who had lots of issues back home making them lead unhappy lives. My decision to further my education in counseling was equally driven by the desire to help others without them feeling uncomfortable and share my experiences and give guidance to those that may not know where to turn.
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