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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

This paper has discussed about the work of Arthur Miller in his play “death of salesman” which brings out some of the failures by the American government. This death also brings out the theme of self dilution as a major cause of conflict in the American society.

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DEATH OF A SALESMAN BY ARTHUR MILLER Death of a Sales Man is simply the tragedy that highlights the dark side of American success and thus the dark side of the American people. It is a dramatic revelation of the intrigues of the American system and the American dream as well as the differences between success and failure in the American society and points at people’s failure to firmly commit ...

... symbolizing Willy’s infidelity and the stolen lumber symbolizing Willy’s acceptance of stealing as a means to achieve the ends. In conclusion, the play is a real depiction of the American society as one which carries with it success and failure in equal measure depending on which principles one embraces. It is a clear depiction of the elusiveness of the American dream and the struggles for change in the society.
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Benjamin I.

I remember reading this essay in my World Literature class. This essay is Miller's token of philosophy of success. Success is achieved through hard work and honesty and not by mere personality.

Princess R.

Death of a Salesman is a great work of literature for it embodies universal values which every reader ought to know.

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