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Migrant Essay

Outline of the transforming views of Australian politics towards migrants. This view is further reflected through the global events of migration

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Migrant Extended Response Since Australia’s Federation in 1901 we have had varying immigration and migration policies, which changed, with our views on our nations future. From the Immigration Restriction Act in 1901creating a white Australia, we have slowly progressed into the multicultural society that we possess in the 21st century. Throughout our history as a nation we have had four dominant policies on immigration. The first is the white Australia policy in which only what was considered the perfect race (white skin and English speaking) would be allowed into our borders. For the main part, only British settlers were ...

... they arrive in Australia. In the 21st century, Australia now accepts migrants from all over the world under certain circumstances. The policies that outline our multicultural reforms as they have in the past will change as government’s come and go and despite needing improvement in certain areas; comply well with humanitarian issues that occur in our world today. The multicultural attitude that the Australian people have now is a result of the changing policies that we as a nation experienced over the last 100 years especially during the period between 1944 and 1975 when multiculturalism came into effect.
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Benjamin I.

The assimilation and immigration policies of Australia, I believe, is one of the most liberal in the world. I admire the Australian government for exerting the best efforts to treat immigrants fairly and give them the basic services needed by new immigrants.

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