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Evaluation Report on Community Policing Program

Community Policing program as discussed in this essay focuses on cooperation between police officers, the populace, public leaders, business owners, municipality and neighborhood stakeholders who have a common goal for societal safety. This essay thus focuses on evaluation of the program

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Evaluation of successes 2
1.2 Recommendations for the successful institution of the program 3
1.3 The evaluation criteria 4
1.4 Conclusion 5
1.5 References 6

Preview of the essay: Evaluation Report on Community Policing Program

EVALUATION REPORT ON COMMUNITY POLICING PROGRAM 1.0 Introduction Community oriented policing is a well-built, dynamic and trusting cooperation among police officers, the populace, public leaders, business owners, municipality departments and other neighborhood stakeholders with a common view of realizing neighborhood safety (Brown, 1989). The concept of community or neighborhood policing was first conceived by Prof. Herman Goldstein of the University Of Wisconsin Law School who ...

... therefore a challenge for the authorities to give crime a different approach by empowering and enlightening the communities to fully take part in combating crime as well as provide resources to promote community policing in the distressed neighborhoods. The police should therefore partner with members of the community and the relevant government agencies to provide targeted resources to fight crime.
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