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The Contaminated Meat that is Fast Food

Fast food has become popular not only amongst the working class, but also amongst the children and students.The paper has discussed on the effect of this matter.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Fast Food Nation: Movie 2
Environment and Contaminated Conditions of Slaughterhouses 3
Writer’s Thoughts 6
Conclusion 6
References 8

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As people get ever busy in the office and other places, they have no time to prepare their food. This is the reason why fast food has become very popular in America today. A walk through fast food joints like McDonalds and Steers will give one the clear picture of the situation today. These joints are always packed at lunchtime as people from offices come in for a quick lunch. The same happens in the evening as people take away packed food from the joints for supper and dinner. Others eat out, ...

... every shortcut that they can find. They employ illegal immigrants, who are not health conscious, because they are cheap. They fail to implement many of the requirements for abattoirs, like drainage system, to save money. They should realize that by doing this, they are putting the health of the public at risk. They also face danger of their products being shunned when the public realizes the conditions that are there in the slaughterhouses. When this happens, they will lose the money that they are trying to save now.
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