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Designing, implementing and maintaining an integrated logistic

This paper is about Designing, implementing and maintaining an integrated logistic.For major Business logistics decisions, there are several vital qualitative factors that have to be put into consideration when making decision.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Standard set of cost and qualitative factors that the management will have to consider 2
Conclusion 6
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Designing, implementing and maintaining an integrated logistic strategy that is well positioned increasingly is a representation of one of the most vital elements in competitive challenges of the 21st centaury. The inventory transportation network linking suppliers of raw materials, manufacturer and distributors is one of the key strategic elements. In particular, as distributors and manufactures increase their focus on their system wide inventories, the trade off between using ocean and air (rail transport and motor carrier) and the effect of carrier and modal selection on their entire distribution network has come under thorough scrutiny. There is a quantitative methodology that has been developed for evaluating the basic trade offs between inventory investment ...

... cargo (electronics equipments) and capability of the shipper.
The writer of this paper is of the opinion that the AHP perspective that has been used for ranking the carrier selection in this paper has several advantages, these are, inline with other shippers practices carrier alternatives are carefully examined by trading off the result that have been acquired from different analysis of qualitative factors and cost, each qualitative criteria has a rating scale that is well defined this clarifies and simplifies this portion of the process of evaluation, and finally the judgment that is usually required for the sub hierarchy cost are usually done on the basis of the results of a complete costing model of the logistic
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Princess R.

I agree with the writer of this paper. In every major managerial or business decision will be made, there exists a need for logistic analysis.

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