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This is a tribute to the late undisputed king of pop music who touched a lot of lives in one way or another through his humanitarian activities showcased in his acts and music. Albeit besieged by scandals, he managed to sail through and endeavored to make the world a better place. May his soul Rest In Peace as he joins the Singing Dead. We will miss you MJ.

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Preview of the essay: TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON

Dark smoke of sadness hovering about,
The world in agony over a star’s demise,
A legend, we believe is living bows out,
Tears everywhere around the globe,
In a universe he musically conquered,
Breathe taking hits he constantly delivered,
Will we ever have another like him?
No! We’ll never, the gap too big to fill,
So immortal through music he is,
Simmering down our hearts in peace,
But he stated clearly before in earnest,
‘But I’m only human’ or it’s ‘human nature.’
Enduring an abnormal childhood,
Gloomy and poignant for a musical god,
A heartrending upbringing by his own people,
But he chose to forget and rock our world,
The thrill that made the world scream,
So vibrant in public and on stage,
But a disturbed soul in seclusion,
Always asking, ‘will you be there’,
He gave us all he could offer,
Strived to heal the world and make it better,
Reminding us often that we are not alone,
I’ve been wondering how you ever did it,
Then I realized you just ‘beat it!’
From all corners even to the environment,
Minding it in the famous ‘earth song,’
And even the life saving USA for Africa,
What else could we ask from you?
You taught us that we are the world,
And expect no one but us to make a change,
Tears flowing down my cheeks in sorrow,
Making me unable to continue,
I try but I can’t put these feelings in words,
But in heart we’ll always be together,
In a way we only understand,
Until we meet again in His presence.
RIP Michael Jackson

From Danny

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Art Studies
Benjamin I.

Great tribute to a great man!

There could never be another MJ. He's the best pop icon!

Princess R.

MJ is the man of music. He is the man and icon of the century.

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