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Tesco and Sainsbury’s organisational structure

The paper has discussed on Tesco and Sainsbury’s organisational structure.The essay has looks at the ways the workers of these two organisations are motivated by the human resource personnel.

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Table of contents

Self Evaluation 1
An Examination of Motivational Theories in Leadership within Sainsbury and Tesco Companies 2
Leadership Style in Tesco and Sainsbury 3
Tesco 3
Sainsbury 5
Motivation Theories 5
Theory X and Theory Y 5
Reactance Theory 6
Application of the above Motivation Theories in Management Practices at Sainsbury and Tesco 7
Theory X and Theory Y 7
Reactance Theory 7
Working with Others: Team Work, Groups and Group Dynamics in Tesco and Sainsbury 8
Groups and Group Behaviour 8
Tesco 8
Factors Affecting Team Work 9
Effect of Technology on Team Performance in Tesco and Sainsbury 10
References 10

Preview of the essay: Tesco and Sainsbury’s organisational structure

Having come up with a comprehensive evaluation of Tesco and Sainsbury’s organisational structure, the writer now embarks on the task of examining their human resource departments. Previously, it was identified that the two organisations exhibit a very different form of organisational structure. Tesco was seen to have a much devolved system of making decision and governance. Decision making was shared between the top management and the lower one. The workers were given a chance to voice their opinions. However, in Sainsbury, decision making was seen to be much centralised. The top managers are the ones who make the most crucial decisions of the organisation. The workers and the customers have no say in the decision making process.

The writer now looks at the ways that the workers of these two organisations are motivated by the human resource personnel. This will help the writer in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of each motivation procedure. This is very important considering the fact that the business that the writer wants to embark ...

... faster decision making process and cheaper one since people from different branches can now be in contact in real time. Leahy can conference via the internet or phone with his managers in America and Asia. However, this can be misused by the workers. It has been reported that many workers spend a lot of time on social networks like facebook and twitter. This is the negative effects of technology on the functioning of the team.

The marketing team has made use of the technology advancement to place their products and brand in the market. Tesco advertises on facebook, on television and other medium. This has had a positive impact of raising the company’s sales. But it has a negative impact of increasing the expenses of the organisation, since it is very expensive.
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