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Philosophy: Descartes

This essay is about philosophy, what todoubt and what to believe.It was earlier believed that in order for the brain to be able to analyze anything to try and find out whether it is true to be believed of it is just fiction, the best thing to start with is to do away with away with any idea in the mind that is connected to the new idea to be analyzed and start basing the arguments on a ne foundation.

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Table of contents

What to doubt and what to believe 1
Support of the claim 1
Criticizing the claim 2
References 2

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There are several things that usually happen in our daily lives which normally bring a lot of problems whereby it is not always easy for the brain to clearly analyze the occurrence or situation, the situation can be best ...

... it is always advisable to be going straight for the principles that are considered to be the basic ones whereby the former beliefs are rested.
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