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Innovation in Healthcare

The paper has discussed about Innovations in health care service which has become essential to ensure that health care institutions are effectively managed.

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Table of contents

• Introduction
• Identification of the problem and rationale for the need for innovation
• The aim of innovation
• Support evidence for the change
• Description of the change
• Business plan
• Strategy
• Summary of the main events and the timetable
• Consequentially map for the events
• Risks
• Control mechanism
• Transitional arrangements
• Resources
• Cost and budget
• Summary of the costs
• Evaluation
• Dissemination of plan to others
• Limitation
• Conclusion
• Reference

Preview of the essay: Innovation in Healthcare

Innovations in health care service are essential to ensure that health care institutions are effectively managed. A successful innovative management strategy will require a prescription of a change system that would enable health care institutions recognize the harm due to exposure to health risks such as shortage of Central Sterilizing Supply Department could cause (Stanhope, 2006). The purpose of the change in the Central Sterilization Supply Department is to avoid the potential harm that could result as due to ...

... interventions that would be adopted to improve change acceptance include involvements in interactive education and training, engagement of opinion leaders and peer group leader, and use of action plans. The education strategy would be the most essential strategy to develop an understanding of how and why the CSSD change model is necessary. However, education alone may not be sufficient, it will be supplemented by clear practice guidelines and policies.

The change strategy will be limited to managing to only changing transforming the policies and procedures The health care professionals will be required comply and practice the new strategy. This project can not control the actions of health care professionals.

In sum, health care institutions should ensure continuous management reviews on policies and procedures of CSSD requirements as a sensitive department in any health care.
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