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How important is communication? this is the question that this essay is explaining,using different relent examples to elaborate on the non-verbal means of communication and their different importance, it enables people pursuing communication especially the news anchors to get the required information.

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Using relevant examples show a clear understanding of the following concept as used in the non-verbal aspects of communication. a) Haptics (b) Emblems (c) Chronemics (d)Affect displays. INTRODUCTION People read newspapers, magazines, paperback in large numbers and there is an increase in audiences for movies, radios, records and television. All this is enjoyable to do. Every message must have an origin or source. The message must also be received by someone and should have its content; and be put into code. ...

... easily evaluate verbal messages in light of reinforcing or defensive nonverbal behavior. This can be affected if we understand or are keen on the use of non-verbal communication. I.e. as we use them we should try to be conscious in terms of culture, so as not contradict the audience or partner. The elements and principles of communication should be put into consideration when communicating. This will enhance human communication making it effective.
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kala v.

The technical aspects have been discussed in a very clear and concise manner.
Well written essay.Students should read thsi and it would help them remember the important points clearly.The introduction can be better.

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Error--Read"this' for 'thsi'.

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Well written.Students can use this as an example to write their own essay on 'Communication'.

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