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The Four Drive Theory of Motivation

This paper examines this theory, examining its premises and putting it into context with the other theories where applicable.

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Table of contents

Abstract 2
The Four Drive Theory- An introduction 2
The Acquisition Drive 3
Comparison with the Needs Theories of Motivation: 3
The Rewards and Compensation Lever for the Acquisition Drive 4
The Bonding Drive 5
Comparison with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 5
The Team Culture Lever 6
The Equity Theory in Teamwork 7
The Comprehension Drive 7
In Context with Other Theories 8
Leveraging on the Comprehension Drive 8
The Defense Drive 9
Comparison with Maslow’s Security needs 10
The Compensation Lever 10
Dynamics in the Four Drive Theory 10
Conclusion 11
References 11

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Organizations have for a long time been grappling with the issue of finding the right balance in their workforce that will boost their motivation and lead to such desired results as increased productivity and reduced staff turnover/ high retention levels. many theories have been forwarded, which seek to explain the nature of human motivation; while many have similar characteristics, there are four categories of these which offer different paradigms, and which are all valid in themselves. One of the most recent theories to be fronted can be described as a synthesis of these other theories, and it explains motivation in terms of four human ‘drives’. It also proposes some ‘levers’ to activating the drivers. This paper examines this theory, examining its premises and putting it into context with the other theories where ...

... of one drive while another is deficient can lead to de-motivation and other negative effects. Balance is therefore imperative.

The Four Drive theory offers a dynamic view of motivation, synthesizing and putting into perspective the other paradigms. In taking advantage of its disposition, managers can follow a number of techniques to safeguard employee motivation; the first is by ensuring that employees have sufficient compensation to cater for their fundamental needs. The second would be to foster team bonding using techniques that discourage competition while encouraging harmony, respect and a sense of trust. Recognition should be fair and forthcoming, and reward systems should be perceptibly equitable.
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