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This paper has discussed on strategic planning for AOU information technology infrastructure which is an is an institution of higher learning that engages with students to inspire and empower them in order to accomplish their educational goals

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Table of contents

Abstract 2
Chapter I 2
1.0 Introduction 2
1.1 Background 9
1.2 Research problem 12
1.3 Significance of the Study 13
1.4 Scope of the Study 15
1.5 Definition of Terms 17
Chapter II 17
2.0 Literature review (SCORM) 17
2.1 A service Oriented E-Learning Architecture 23
2.2 IEEE Learning Technology Systems Architecture (LTSA) 28
2.3 Aviation Industry [Computer Based Training] Committee (AICC) 31
Chapter III 33
3.1 Methodology 33
Chapter IV 34
4.0 SCORM for an e-Learning SOA 34
4.1 Multi-lingual E-learning Content Issues 41
4.2 Sample Design and Deployment 44
Chapter V 50
5.0 Conclusion 50
6.0 References 52
Appendix 55


AOU is an is an institution of higher learning that engages with students to inspire and empower them in order to accomplish their educational goals, lead richer lives and better shape their organizations’ future as well as communities. The university is committed to fulfilling this mission
by providing sufficient and readily available student-centered cervices and also offering an innovative and also relevant curriculum delivered by professional, supportive faculty.
The establishment of the learning objects that stick to the standardization of the SCORM at the university need to ease the exchange as well as the reuse of e-the learning content. Conversely, in the framework of e-learning, we find that there are several legacy systems that are able to store data in a proprietary way.
The university also aims at implementing the state-of-the-practice, learning-centered technology together with learning resources. The physical learning objects use as proposed by SCORM makes the maintenance of the learning content to be a challenging and difficult task. The vision of the SCORM is to facilitate or help in promoting the exchange of several learning objects between a number of (LMS) Learning Management Systems.
Just a simple correction of a mistake or even a small update leads to further physical distribution similar learning objects to all of the LMSs ...

... the e-learning industry should implement the non-proprietary tools that are essentially bound to both the SCORM and the Los.
The research that is presented in this paper indicates or demonstrates that the SCORM PIF’s can easily be stored, searched and also regenerated using the XML as well as the web service technologies. It however, raised the issues concerning the implementation performance and offered a guideline of future study.
SOA is a breakthrough or step forward technology providing a simple, economical way for providing web services. In the paper, the existing SOA approaches to support the LD have been looked at and analyzed. The Use Case models make clear and open the functions of the LDM and enhance full incorporation of the LD in the SCORM compliant e-learning environment. Moreover, the SOA has been developed as an important and functional framework for the identification and the specification of the components of the architecture for authoring and the management of LD.
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