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This paper begins with a basic introduction which gives an insight into the background of major fires that have occurred in buildings in history. It then details the purpose of why this report is necessary and explains that the most important thing is to understand why so many fires have happened and how prevention of fires through fire safety engineering methods can take place. Hereafter, a scope is given. The scope of this report basically revolves around fires in the twentieth century and covers fires in the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy and India.

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Table of contents

Abstract 2
Contents 3
Methods 5
Case Studies:
       The Bradford Fire Disaster of 1985 (The U K)
       The Montecito Fire Disaster in California in 2008 (The U S)
       The Grand Hotel Fire Disaster in New Delhi (India)
       The Turin Movie Theatre Fire Disaster of 1983 (Italy)
Conclusions 10
Recommendations 11, 12
References 13

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The paper then gives an explanation of the methodology used. The methodology was through the use of secondary data collected from sources on the internet to find information that exists concerning fires in buildings and fire safety engineering as a whole. This provides a necessary theoretical basis into the topic.

The report then looks into four main case studies of major fires in buildings that have occurred in the recent past. These include: the Bradford fire in the United Kingdom; the Montecito fire in California (the U. S); the fire disaster of the New Delhi Luxury Hotel in India; as well as the Turin Movie Theatre Disaster

... External Fire Spread: The engineer should reduce the boundary distances.
Smoke Management: This will allow the use of open atria, the construction of an appropriate escape passage as well as the creation of large open-plan areas.
Fire Brigade Access: Engineers should increase the number of fire fighting cores to improve the accessibility of fire fighters in case of a fire. Here, engineers should the effective positioning of fire fighting facilities [1].
The above aspects should be used together so as to ensure the implementation of an effective fire safety engineering design.
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Benjamin I.

The major historical fire incidents discussed in this essay, I believe, implies, a very important message to man---we need to learn from our mistakes in the past. As Santayana said "those who did not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it." These catastrophes can only be prevented by means of adopting measures that will address the root of the problem.

Princess R.

well-detailed and really amazing in its construction .This essay is really good.

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