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The Commercial and Economic Context of Civil Engineering .

This report begins with a basic introduction giving an insight into the general background of civil engineering as a field. It then touches on the commercial and economic context within it operates. It then delves into the purpose which is to understand construction economics as well as the scope which focuses on a construction project in the UK and Iraq in the year 2009.

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Table of contents

1. Contents
2. Abstract
3. Introduction:
          A1. An Opportunity In The Construction Industry That Can Be Addressed With Civil Engineering Infrastructure Projects Or Programmes.
          A2. Preparation of documents required to register a company to address the problem or exploit the opportunity in A1 above.
          A3. The Commercial and Economic Considerations to Be Taken Into Account in the Formation of the Housing Company.                      
        B1. Three or more mutually exclusive projects to be considered and their professional and ethical considerations
        B2. Individual Project Cash flows and an appraisal as to which project the company should take forward for the projects in B1.
4. Conclusions
5. Recommendations
6. References

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Civil engineering as a field has really made great advances over the years and plays a vital role in the development of the world. As long as there are human beings on earth, homes will have to built; roads will have to be constructed; dams will have to constructed and bridges too. All these civil engineering works assist the human race to get shelter, use transportation and in general, eke out an easier existence.

As a field, it has a vital commercial aspect to it. This is where construction economics comes into play as a crucial component of civil engineering. At the end of the day, civil engineering activities require a lot of capital, manpower and equipment for projects to be undertaken. Skill and technical know how are likewise required for it to flourish. The knowledge and application of project management is thus necessary and various management techniques need to be incorporated into projects so as to capitalise on the commercial potential of this field. Evidently, therefore, civil engineering has a massive commercial aspect ...

... prisons and conversions in Iraq). Following the appraisal, it was discovered that the homes construction project was the most profitable and thus Bollinton Housing Construction Company was advised to undertake it as its first construction project in Iraq.


Following various discoveries during the project report, the following were recommended:
• Students of civil engineering as well as career civil engineers should study construction economics as part of their curriculum since technical knowledge on its own is insufficient in undertaking a real project.
• Civil engineers should familiarise themselves with the various professional and ethical considerations involved in civil engineering.
• Governments should invest in civil engineering projects since infrastructure is necessary for economic growth.
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Civil Engineering
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