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Management is Communication

Communication – from the Latin word communicare meaning “to make common.” There are many textbook definitions of communication, among which is the process of transmitting or sending messages/information from a sender or source through a medium or channel to a receiver, but this paper would like to reiterate the Latin word definition “to make common.” To emphasize the definition, consider the cliché: “Some people talk to each other, thereby sending communications, but seldom seem to communicate.” Thus, to communicate is to establish an authentic understanding.

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A topic research on the communicating process/function of management Introduction So far, we have learned the classical principles of management, which are: Scientific, Administrative, and the Bureaucratic Model; the Neo-classical, comprised of the Human Relations Movement and the Organizational Behavior; and the Modern Theories – the System Approach and Contingency Approach. Each of these principles has their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and contribution to management. In spite of ...

... controlling aspect of management, communication on the different levels is undertaken whether intrapersonal to the higher levels of communication. Channels or media are utilized to convey an idea generated from intrapersonal communication, and the process of getting things done through management involves constant communication whether to one’s self, to others, from management to subordinates or vice versa, and from an organization to its constituents.
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