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Project monitoring ,control and evaluation.

The essay talks about project monitoring control and evaluation. Project Monitoring: Careful check of project activities over a period of time.

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Anteprima della tesi: Project monitoring ,control and evaluation.

Project monitoring ,control and evaluation. DEFINITIONS: PROJECT: A temporary process, which has a clearly defined start and end time. It is an undertaking that us carried out to meet specific goals, within cost, time schedule and quality objectives Why temporary: Because once the end of the of goal is achieved, the project is completed. For this reason, the end point of a project needs to be defined at the very beginning of the project to ensure successful completion. The reason some projects never ...

... constraints of monitoring and evaluation
1. Shortage of time and rapidly changing situations
2. The need for short and long term objectives
3. Coordinating work with different organizations
4. Managing large resources: problems of communication and access
5. Cross-boarder operations: Working in areas of disputed sovereignty
6. Initial shortage of staff and resources
7. Serious consequences of poor decisions, resulting directly or indirectly in unnecessary death
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