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Killing Time in A Warm Place

The contemporary Philippine fiction by Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., retells retained memoirs of its main character, Noel Ilustre Bulaong, from childhood in a beachside village named Kangleong in a Visayas island, to the life of an activist during the first quarter storm, to hardship in detention camps during Martial Law, and life and inner struggles of a renewed man who took side with the government in the era of the New Society.

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Killing Time in A Warm Place By: Julius Cesar O. Mamaril This contemporary Philippine fiction by Jose Y. Dalisay The recollection took place during an airplane ride of Bulaong on his way back to the Philippines to attend the burial of his father. Bulaong was seated beside an American Information Technology (IT) entrepreneur on his way to do business in the Philippines, when he started the vivid recollection. The recollection started with Bulaong’s childhood in Kangleong. Bulaong recalled the mode of living ...

... do in it was kill some time.” “America was a country with death throes of its own excess.” “What makes you happy?… Security, comfort, pleasure. The ability to enjoy all these. To do things for myself.” “What is good for you, must be good for the people too, serve the people, serve yourself.” “A revolution is not a dinner party, the masses are the real heroes dare to struggle; dare to win, serve the people, in times of difficulty, we must not lose sight of our achievements, must see the bright future and must pluck up our courage, serve the people.”
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Julius Cesar M.

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