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What are China's First Great Empires?

History is replete with stories of kingdoms and empires, of kings and emperors. China has its share of fabulous history since the inception of human civilization. I discussed in this the attributes of the first great empires of China.

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Ch’in: The First Unitary Empire    1
The Han dynasty: Expansion Under Wu Ti, The “Warrior Emperor”     2
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WHAT ARE CHINA’STHE FIRST GREAT EMPIRES? Ch’in: The First Unitary Empire In 221 B.C. the king of Ch’in, having conquered all other Chinese states, assumed the new title huang ti (emperor) and became known to history as Shih Huang Ti, or “First Emperor.” A man of immense drive and administrative skill, Shih Huang Ti founded a form ...

... Han dynasty lapsed into decadence. In 220 A.D. the last of the Han rulers was deposed, and while Chinese civilization was again to rise to an advanced state, China had first to endure a long period of transition and strife.
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