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China in Its Formative Centuries

China, as generally known, is one of the earliest cradle of civilization. Every corner and nook of the country is rich in history an culture. How does China look like in its formative years? Look for the answers in this essay.

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Table of contents

The Shang Dynasty: China’s First Civilization 1
Chou: The Longest of the Dynasties 2
Imperial Rule and the Decree of Heaven 2
The Aristocracy 3
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CHINA IN ITS FORMATIVE CENTURIES In a land varied resources and vast extent, over four million square miles in area, the civilization of China arose and developed, for centuries almost completely isolated from outsiders by the ocean, deserts and mountains. This isolation helps to explain the great measure of originality in China’s culture pattern. The river valleys of China mark out three major regions: ...

... the nobility as a symbol of gentle breeding and so complex in its ramifications that the nobles devoted years to its mastery. Arrayed in breastplate and helmet, the Chinese noble waged war from his chariot and, to display his martial skill and social grace, “would come to the court of his seigneur to take part in tournaments of the noble sport of archery which was accompanied by musical airs and interspersed with elegant salutations, the whole regulated like a ballet.”
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