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Retail Marketing

Retail marketing involves the use of marketing ideas and philosophy concerning operations of retail. It involves various activities like environmental analysis, doing research on retail marketing, consumer analysis, products and service planning, planning for the distribution of products, planning for promotions, pricing planning and management of retail marketing.

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Introduction 1
Relationship marketing 3
Impact of loyalty scheme 7
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Retailing has been growing over the last thousand years. As new products come to existence, new traders have discovered ways of marketing these news products in the market. Rising urbanization has made the consumers to be at the same place and different geographical areas. The retailers have also researched for ways to meet the needs of these consumers at these different geographical areas.
Retailing involves the sale of commodities or merchandise from a set location and this may be a department, or a specific station ...

... scheme is expected to enhance price transparency and since the scheme transfer price competition to non-price considerations. This reduces price transparency and it disadvantages consumer who rather lower price.
The consumers at Shell Company depend on human cashiers to key in their points and this may lead to errors of not recording well the amount of points obtained by a customer. This happens because some shell stations do not have machines that can electronically record the points to the petrol pump payment system. Shell company customers are forced to rely on the accuracy of cashiers.
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