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Social welfare in the society

The paper is used to explore aspects of social welfare with critical questions about its assumptions and its origins. The paper explores how dominant beliefs are reflected in the society where ethnicity and culture dominates .

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It is imperative that society improves the welfare of its people. Social policies have been used to interpret the social context of social function in welfare provision. In order to improve welfare of people in the society, it is very critical to comprehend the way people relate and the welfare policies used to relate the welfare situations. Welfare takes place in social context as noted by early writers hence it important to understand social policies that can be used as tools to improving social welfare in the society. Social policies draws on sociology is paramount for critical social policy as underpinned by social inequality ...

... society. Feminism principles should be adopted in the society to eliminate sexual politics as postulated by radical feminism. (Blank, 2002)

Society is a group of people linked together with common history or culture who are in same geographical location. Social welfare is very critical for health growth of nations. Marxist approach has been used extensively to explain the social policy since it analyses critically wide range of issues especially capitalism which is characterized by discrimination of women and inequality. Marxist is very useful as it legitimizes capitalism in the society through introduction of measures such as welfare policies and health services.
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