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Discuss with reference to any specific area, the nature and scope of globalization business

This essay has discussed the nature and scope of globalization in today’s business world. The paper has therefore develop several sub topics that tries to show the capacity of globalization, these include: global trade, volume of international trade, the trade direction, trading partners e.t.c

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Global trade 1
1.2 Business incident of global trade 1
1.3 Volume of international trade 2
1.4 Direction of trade 3
1.5 Major trading partners 3
1.6 Foreign direct investment 4
1.6.1 Portfolio investment 4
1.6.2 Direct Investment 5
1.7 Why Go Abroad? 5
Other reasons for global trade and investment 7
2.0 References 10

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The world today has become one big global village in terms of business interaction among countries. Trade has been liberalized and various barriers to international trade have been done away with facilitating cross border flow of goods and foreign direct investment. This has opened up opportunities for employment as well as development of capital markets across the world with greater positive impact on the developing world. Globalization is thus a key economic tool that must not be ignored in order to keep and sustain world’s economic growth. I will approach the globalization debate from the point of view of global trade and foreign direct ...

... global investment and trading is the economic backbone of any successful country and thus must be allowed grow uninterrupted. However, checks and balances should be put in place to ensure that less industrialized countries are not stifled by competition from developed countries. Economic evils such as dumping of inferior goods that come with globalization of trade in developing countries should strictly be eliminated through effective mechanisms and restrictions.
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International Business
Princess R.

No doubt about it, globalization is with us at the present time and will be with us for the next years to come, this time more pervasive and more intensified in terms of global impact.

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