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A Meta Analysis Study of Pre-service Teachers Attitudes and Beliefs

The essay looks at the various prservise teachers and attitudes towareds mathematis. The various misconceptions are also explained in anorganised and detailed way with adequate refferencing.

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Preview of the essay: A Meta Analysis Study of Pre-service Teachers Attitudes and Beliefs

A Meta Analysis Study of Pre-service Teachers Attitudes and Beliefs Towards Mathematics Introduction Mathematics is a very important subject because knowledge of this subject acts as foundation for learning different subjects in an effect manner and also to be happy and successful in normal life as knowledge of mathematics especially arithmetic is required in our day to day life (Akinsola & Tella, 2007). Mathematics, however, has long been perceived as a difficult subject. The purpose of this research study is to explore the factors that influence attitudes and beliefs of pre-service teachers towards mathematics. In addition, the study will also look upon how pre-service teachers’ attitudes and beliefs reflect on their instructional practices. Apart from achievement and instructional practice, this study will also look at some other factors that determine attitudes and beliefs of students towards mathematics. Thus, the results of this study could be used in planning teacher education courses particularly focusing on students’ beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics achievement and to the modes of instruction used. Statement of the problem Lot of studies have shown that the beliefs and attitudes of pre-service and in-service teachers plays a crucial role in the teaching practice ...

... the teachers are able to develop their attitudes towards mathematics which tend to influence their behavior towards the subject. Knowledge plays a very significant role in determining the beliefs and attitudes of individuals towards mathematics as a subject. The preservice teachers aught to have positive attitudes towards mathematics so as to be effective in their instructional practice in class. The mode of instruction in the classroom setting has a lot of influence on the attitude and behavior of learners towards mathematics. Beliefs and attitudes go hand in hand and have an influence on the behavior of both teachers and students towards mathematics. Therefore the right attitudes and beliefs should be cultivated by the preservice teachers to ensure that they have a positive impact on the learners by empowering them.
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