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This essay is basically on the many different models of communication generally accepted all over the world. They are used in communication skills to give basic skills to new writers and communicators so as to ensure that full information is delivered to the right people and correctly in its original form.

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Preview of the essay: MODELS OF COMMUNICATION.

AN ESSAY ON MEANING, NATURE, MODELS ELEMENTS, THEORIES, CHARACTERISTICS AND BENEFITS OF COMMUNICATION. Introduction. Communication is an important part of our every day lives. It is the means by which we co exist in the society. Thus there is need to improve our communication skills and be aware of how communication functions in business and general human interaction. Effective communication is indispensable for effective human relations. To communication with one another is a compulsive urge of human beings. There can be no mutual understanding without communication. Communication skills consist of five segments: speaking, listening, writing, readability and readable writing and non-verbal cues. In communication we interact with others by exchanging facts, feelings, figures, emotions, ideas, opinions etc. In a modern dynamic world, to be successful, a good communicator needs to exhibit the ability to think, write, observe and speak effectively. The biggest challenge is to bring about the right perception, use of information, analysis of situation, creation of impulses and finding ways to put across and handle messages. Meaning of Communication The word ‘Communication’ is derived from a Latin word communis which means ‘common.’ In its application it means a common ground of ...

... should be specific and each specified information should deal with a single subject at a time. This principle is important for effective communication.

Multiplicity of subject creates a problem of confusion and misunderstanding which may lead to unproductivity in the organisation.

j) Honesty in Communication.
The principle of uprightness and honesty of purpose in communication is very essential. Honest communication involves a sense of obligation to ones self, to other people and to the absolute.

All managerial communications should lend to true and correct understanding in information or messages to ensure effective coordination among various organizational activities for smooth working.
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