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Sources of law

The paper tries to look at the various sources of law. The various sources of law are well explined with good elaborations.

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Sources of law INTRODUCTION Controlling society is a complex task. Traditionally we- had customs. The customs met standard and values prescribed by the society which were at most headed by the Kings. Customs came up to 111 what the king thought to be right to sale guard his supremacy upon the subjects. Some of the punishments were very harsh that lead to rejection of the customs giving rise to laws which were uniformly applied among very many people not only a society. Laws were set by a group of representative of the society who met and agreed on standard to be applied uniformly. This gave rise to constitution which contained all the laws of the land. Constitution had also its supplement while it ran short of ideals. The supplement of the constitution came from the common law, religious sources, by laws and also borrowed a ...

... applied in accordance to the class of people who have deviated. Propagation of the same law should be through media rather than the government gazette notice that are not known to many people. Law is the art of the good and the fair. Every law is an infraction of liberty. Law should be like death which spares no one. If this country should ever watch the point where any man or group of men, by force or threat of force could long defy the commands of our courts and our constitution would be sure of his right and no citizen would be safe from his neighbours.
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