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The paper has analyzed the impact of gasoline consumption to the environment.It has also discussed some of the possibilities that should be adopted to solve this problem.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Gasoline consumption 2
A plan on reduction of pollution by gasoline 3
Conclusion 5
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In every day life, there are many activities that we do which have negative impact on the environment. Most of the environmental degradation occurs from the use of resources or exploitation of these resources. However, consumption remains the major cause of environmental pollution that is done throughout ones life. The environment we live in should be protected by all means if at all there will be life in the future. Consumption contributes to solid waste, land degradation, emission of green house gases and also water ...

... goals solely and needs individual support. However the government has the greatest responsibility and mandate to enhance pollution reduction through formulation of policies. The implementation of these policies requires action for example the provision of the ethanol for fuel in the country. In Brazil for example, there is ethanol availability that encourage people to buy fuel flex vehicles since they are guaranteed of the supply.
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