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Growing Social Problem in Sports: Keyword Outline

The paper has discussed major Growing Social Problems such as the emergence of a money hungry society.

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Table of contents

1.0. Sports; A major theme in the American culture 1
Overview of lively American Sports 1
3.0 What creates the social problems? 2
4.0 Conclusion 4
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1.0. Sports; A major theme in the American culture
It is common knowledge to all students at Penn State as many others that sports are and have been an integral part of the American culture cutting across centuries; as a set of purposefully designed activities that promote enjoyment, physical well being, and ...

... background or age will forever stick with us.
ii) Materialism ruining the purity that Sport Once Possessed
-Money hungry society is surely ruining the purity that Sports once possessed though aside from the materialists, and those embracing showmanship, great magnitudes continue to enjoy sports in its natural way. Conclusively, this aspect of sporting will never be overcome by the increasingly money hungry society.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

...this essay telling us that sports competition in America has become largely money-based is true. One point in case is boxing. Promoters make fights and the same is money-motivated. Without potential money in the table, an exciting fight could not be made, e.g. Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. It has been ridiculous though that people came to believe that games are about money.

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