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Daoist Worldviews

Summary of the notion of religious world view and perspective with examples and indepth analysis of Daoist religion

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A worldview is the understanding that gives a human a sense of theological order and meaning. Both religious and nonreligious worldviews have been present and important throughout recorded history. The worldviews of people who are following a world religion today tend to include the following cognitive notions: 1 - There is a universal spirit, god, deity or divine entity - This divinity has established an eternal moral order that, in part at least, can be known to human beings. - People have the duty to ...

... the way of the universe and there is no point in rebelling against it. If you wish to be happy you must learn how to understand Dao. The search for meaning in Daoism is indefinable like the divinity, which they seek. A combination of transcendence and immanence ensure the well being of the spirit of the individual and of the community. This unique combination leads to the search for the unique meaning called Dao. Dao meaning ‘the way’ is unavoidable and therefore must be embraced and understood.
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