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Analysis how to write the dissertation and answer to the questions: Why and Which Philosophical approach is used during this Dissertation? Why Questionnaire is used for data Collection Method? Is it Deductive or Inductive Approach?

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Why and Which Philosophical approach is used during this Dissertation? Philosophical approaches used in dissertation are phenomenon, realistic and constructivist methods .Realistic approach was adopted in this dissertation its validity and reliability. It involves gathering of the true information about a phenomena and then analyze it. This is confirmed by the fact that information was collected from the field before idea was generated. Use of qualitative data and inductive approaches gives real information about the scenario under study. The researcher aims at increasing the validity by incorporating various sources that ...

... uses already collected information to generate ideas or theories. Deductive approach requires a substantial datasets and the researcher has to include tables and statistics before submitting the methodology. In the excerpt given, the researcher does not have substantial datasets but he has to go the field to gather information. Non-inclusion of tables and statistics clearly depicts the fact that inductive approach was used (Bonnett, 2004)
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Humanistic Studies
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The facts presented in this essay are valuable when writing a dissertation. Matters of research methodology and procedure are a must when writing a dissertation.

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