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Performance management

This paper leads to appreciating and understanding the research which has been done in the subject performance management.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Review of past studies 1
Working conditions and work environment 5
Staff training and development 6
Reward management systems 7
Developing a reward management system. 9

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In this chapter the research intends to make an evaluation of reports of previous studies which have been identified and read in order to assess the observation and opinion related to the study .This will lead to appreciating and understanding the research which has been done in the subject performance management

Review of past studies

Performance is always defined simply in output terms –the achievement of quantified objectives.
According to Armstrong; performance is a matter not only of what people achieve but how they achieve it. High performance results from appropriate behavior and the effective use of the required knowledge ,skills and competencies.
Armstrong (2006) explains that the overall aim of personnel management ...

... participative group system, which is the ultimate democratic style.

Authoritarian management style
All powers reside within the leader, decision making is carried out by the leader alone and only the leader can exercise control, reward, and punishment.

Democratic management style.
Group participation and discussion, shared power, group decision making control and delegation.


The implication behind the above four approaches is that managers have a basic choice between either authoritarian or democratic, and that the best style the ideal is a democratic one.
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Strategic Management


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