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Light on the yoga

The essay has analyzed the Light on the yoga state. Yoga has the benefits of bringing to an individual both physiological and psychological gains. Practicing of yoga enables an individual to be fit in and out and hence achieve better health.

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Table of contents

What is Yoga? 1
How can we attain the Yoga state? 1
How can we overcome them? 2
What does Yoga bring? 2
what is the Yoga faction? 2
What obstacles do our personalities present? 3
What are the two levels of being? 3
How do they help me to attain the Yoga state? 3
- What can we do if we lose the state of listening? 4
What are the steps of mastery? 4
What is mastery and how do we use it? 4
What are the different stages of transformation? 5
What do we mean by exceptional facilities? 5
What danger do they present? 6
What are the exceptions for? 6
What should we avoid? 6
What it the ultimate realization? 6
What is ultimate liberation? 7
Do you believe in a higher power? 7
Why do you believe it? Offer proof 7
Bibliography 8

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What is Yoga?
Yoga refers to the practice that enables one achieve the realization of one’s center of consciousness. It involves the movement of one’s attention inward while undergoing all levels of being and gaining mastery along the process. This is achieved through a systematic process of meditation.
What is the mind?
The mind encompasses all the aspects of intellect and conscious manifestation of thought and imagination including the brains unconscious cognitive processes. Besides, the mind enables an individual to have perception, memory ...

... tremendous serenity and perfection.
Why do you believe it? Offer proof
I believe in a higher power because, there has to be a power that controls all the things that take place in the universe and since these things take place perfectly, the higher power has to be also perfect. The higher power has infinity through which there is tremendous perfection.
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