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In Depth Religious Study

Summary of christian morals, ethical, values, rituals and beliefs in a short overview in the moral standings of the catholic church

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The Bible is considered across all denominations of Christianity, the main source of belief and the main ethical guide for all who practise the wide- ranging religion. However, the way the bible is interpreted between certain sects of Christianity is one of the prime reasons of the divisions in the once whole body of religion. 7 From the time of Martin Luther and his interpretation of the scriptures, all of the major Christian denominations have taken differing views on the bible. Due to this, the three ...

... each other mentality. The two great commandments reflect on the two principles in ethical Christianity. Love both physical and spiritual parts of your life. The beatitudes reflect on the spiritual through physical acts like helping the poor whilst the commandments reflect on the physical to assist with spiritual well being. The two great commandments illustrate the most important ethical teaching through loving god and your neighbour. Christian ethics are summarised in these solitary scriptures and together with the Bible give Christians in general a moral guide by which to live their lives. 7
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