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The paper is about point system which is used as a method of job evaluation.The point system of job evaluation involves a more detailed quantitative and analytical approach to measurement of job worth.

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Table of contents

Selection of the job factors. 2
Construction of the factor scales 3
Evaluation of the jobs 4
Conducting wage surveys 5
Designing policies of the wage structure 5
Operating and adjusting wage structure 6
Conclusion 6
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The point system is one of the most widely used methods of job evaluation. Job evaluation is a formal process of determining the relative internal value of jobs in a hierarchy. Using the results of a job evaluation, rates of pay are attached to the jobs taking into account the market rates and the input of the Trade Unions.

Job evaluation is not an exact science but considering how subjective salary determination can be, it is a rational attempt to objectivity. One of the prime objectives of job evaluation is to achieve a reasonable degree of equity in payments. Therefore a pay structure must demonstrate ...

... point system of job evaluation will serve such a purpose.

In order to implement the point system effectively, there is a series of steps that have to be followed. The process starts with the selection of job factors or characteristics followed by the construction of a scale for each job factor. Evaluation of all the jobs will then be carried out using the scales and then a wage survey for selected jobs will be done. After this the wage structure will be designed, implemented and the necessary adjustments are made.
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