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Context in Literature

Shows through narrative essay, the impact of context on a text is crucial in the determination of its characters, settings and plot

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The Faustian Bargain. The catalyst for human demise is not unique to the Renaissance context. Portrayed through this narrative essay, the demise of literary characters depends entirely on their context and therefore context, current events and societal perspectives play a crucial role in the development of a text. Based on the Faustian legend, the tale of a president with good intentions is destined to end in tragedy as the post modernist methodology of writing reflects on past works. The demise of a man is brought on not by external influences, but by his own incapability to comprehend ...

... left you, it just seems like it. All the great places of the world were once dominated by war, we can come through this and restore this country. We can….” Brad was interrupted by Mark’s raised hand signalling for the president to cease speaking. With his head turned away from his former friend and gun tilted aimed at the Presidents head, he muttered in a voice expressing a disinclination to go through with his actions. “Good day Mr. President.” Death, the ultimate demise? Suffering, the ultimate punishment? Success, the ultimate cause? Destiny, do our decisions even matter?
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