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Research on causes of food insecurity in rural households

This essay talks about the study of the causes of food security in the household in Kenya since hunger is a current biting problem that has led to loss of many lives especially due to the persistent famine. it involves the method of carrying out the study.

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INTRODUCTION 1.1Background of the Problem When people are poor, inflation erodes their meagre earnings; they generally do one of two things: they buy less food, or buy cheaper less nutritious food. The end result is the same-more hunger and less chance of a healthy future (Ban Ki Moon, WFP Summit 2008). The right to food is one of ...

... drought resistant crops like cassava and sorghum provided sustainable supply of food as compared to maize. Farmers also perceived poverty factors, especially unmechanisation of agriculture, lack of farm credit and lack of oxen that provided pulling power in the farms as barriers to the expansion and maximum utilisation of agricultural productivity.
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