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The Meeting of East and West

This is an essay discussing some historical antecedents on the political and economic relationship of countries in the East and West eventually leading to some cultural, historical and linguistic fusion between and among them.

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Table of contents

The Silk Trade 2
Severance of East-West Contacts 2
The Influence of West Upon the East and Vice-Versa 3
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THE MEETING OF EAST AND WEST During its period of greatest prosperity, the Graeco-Roman world-state, centered in the Mediterranean basin, maintained trade contacts extending far beyond the imperial boundaries. In the market quarter of imperial Rome, Chinese silk was sold and Indian merchants frequented the streets of Alexandria. Strabo, the Greek geographer, stated that 120 ships sailed to India every year from ...

... Chinese technological inventions poured into Europe in a continuous stream during the first thirteen centuries of the Christian era, just as later on the technological current flowed the other way.” No longer can an educated westerner assume the attitude that the meeting of East and West has always demonstrated the superiority of the West.
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