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India Under the Mauryas and Kushans

The Mauryan and Kushan Empires are two of the greatest empires that emerged not only in India but also in the entire Asia. Chandragupta and Asoka are also two of the foremost leaders India have produced in history. This essay discussed the emergence of these two empires in Hindu history.

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Table of contents

Chandragupta Maurya 1
Asoka: Propagator of Buddhism 2
Fall of the Mauryan Empire 2
The Kushan Empire 3
Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism 3
Trade with the West 4
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INDIA UNDER THE MAURYAS AND THE KUSHANS In the sixth century B.C., there were about sixteen states or tribal territories in northern India, of which the most important was Magadha along the lower Ganges in northeastern India. In 326 B.C. Alexander the Great crossed the Indus, defeated an Indian army, and pushed on, hoping to subjugate Magadha. But before he could accomplish his purpose, he was forced to retrace his steps at the insistence of his weary, homesick soldiers. For India, the consequences of this first encounter of East and West were momentous. A reaction against the Macedonian governors set up ...

... of Roman soldiers, whose habit of wearing long coats aroused much comment in a land where comparative nudity was the rule. For its part, India was exporting drugs, pearls, silks, muslins, and spices. In view of the magnitude of the Roman-Indian trade, we can understand why Ptolemy showed considerable knowledge of the geography of India. Soon after 225 A.D. the Kushan Empire collapsed under the attacks of a revived Persian empire ruled by the vigorous Sassanid dynasty.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

In Hindu history, no doubt Chandragupta Maurya is a well-known figure. he has left an indelible mark in Hindu history. He could be the equivalent of Julius Caesar in the Western world. I like this essay, very organized and well-structured.

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